What is the difference between Cree and Osram, do you really know?
What is the difference between Cree and Osram, do you really know?
Speaking of the two brands of Cree and Osram, I think that as long as they have been exposed to the basics of the lighting industry, I think there is something that I don’t understand. Then I will introduce the two brands first.


      Osram is a subsidiary of Siemens AG in Germany. As one of the most innovative lighting companies in the world, Osram has many world-leading patents. Many world-renowned projects have selected OSRAM lighting products and solutions.
       For more than 100 years, OSRAM has been known for its outstanding light source products. Today, OSRAM has become one of the world's two largest light source manufacturers, currently Osram is based in Munich, Germany.

      Founded in 1987, Cree is a US listed company (Nasdaq: CREE, 1993). It is famous for LED epitaxy, chip, package, LED lighting solutions, compound semiconductor materials, power devices and RF. Manufacturer and industry leader.
       Both brands are the best in the industry, but first of all, from the time of deep cultivation in the industry, as the OSRAM based on lighting for 100 years, I think it should be the first choice!
       Secondly, from the application field, I will not talk about the ordinary lighting field. Let’s say something special.
      First, in the field of automotive lighting, to be honest, Osram is victorious. In an industry statement, “In both China and the global market, Osram has occupied No. 1 in the field of automotive lighting for a long time,” Or you can say "" Whether it is an imported brand of a luxury brand or a model of a domestic brand, you want to find a car on the road today.
There is no OSRAM lighting product on it, which is very difficult and very challenging. ”
Secondly, in the field of smart lighting, OSRAM has actually begun to lay out the smart lighting field very early. In this field, I think there is no opponent at present (of course, there may be, but Xiaobian is ignorant). For example, the current hot-drive autonomous driving field needs to be applied to this technology, and includes invisible light technologies such as driver assistance functions, as well as AR/VR, facial recognition, iris scanning, etc., which have been applied in life. Smart devices can be applied to OSRAM's technology.
      The third point, quality, here I use the current market is quite hot logo projector lamp as an example, as far as I know, only the EBY projector lamp is using Osram's lamp beads, other brands of projector lamps are basically used by other brands. Lamp beads, so this is why EBY projectors can be used for 3 or 4 years without any problem, and other brands will have problems in the first and second years, of course, not only the projection lamp industry, but also other lighting. You can go to the comparison. After all, the answer you have come up with is the best way to convince yourself, haha.
       So when I say it, I think the answer is obvious!
       This article only represents a personal point of view, seeking truth from facts, does not mean to undermine any brand, do not like to spray!

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